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Where to eat in Lyon – My 5 favorite places

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What really motivates me to write in English is talking to native English speakers and hear about their needs as far as information pertaining Lyon is concerned. Chance had it that an American couple traveling the world and passionate about food got in touch with me. We met up yesterday and had lunch at Chez Thomas, discussing local food, seasonal products and the likes.

As Katy, a food blogger and dietitian, told me about an article she had read in the Guardian about the top 10 restaurants in Lyon, it just hit me – I had to write up my own selection for English-speaking tourists traveling to Lyon. So there you go. I’ll probably add to this list in the coming weeks, but let’s start with the 5 restaurants that are my absolute favorite in town.

#1 : Le Canut et les Gones – 29 rue de Belfort, 69004 + 33 478 291 723 – lecanutetlesgones.com. 37518247_pThose of you who know me personally know I can go on and on about the place. Grouchy and passionate chef Franck Blanc has owned the place for 20 years and I love the way his cuisine has evolved. Local and fresh produce has always been his priority. He doesn’t forget about making room for vegetables, cooking them with perfection, as he does his meat and fish. His Japanese gang took over the dessert area for the best, bringing lightness and creativity. Last but not least, the vintage decoration shebang makes the place unique and warm. This place epitomizes French restaurants to me – I bring all my foreign friends there.

#2 : L’Ourson qui boit – 23 Rue Royale, 69001 Lyon + 33 478 272 337 IMG_1764The first thing to know about the place is that it’s really difficult to get a reservation there. But I can assure you it’s worth the wait – which might be weeks… – and time you’ll spend on the phone trying to reach them. Just like at Le Canut, the value for money is excellent. The cuisine is extremely delicate, bringing subtle Japanese touches to traditional dishes. You won’t ever forget this dining experience.

#3 Tartufo – 37 rue Sainte Hélène – 69002 + 33 478 372 242 38132033_p It is Marco’s irresistible accent ? The simple yet elegant restaurant room with striking red banquettes ? The fact that there is no written menu but all the dishes are described to you in details by Marco instead ? The mentions of the origin of each dish, making you feel like you’re traveling through Italy altough you are right there on the Presqu’île, Lyon’s downtown ? I enjoy every bit about the place, wines included.

#4 Les Garçons Bouchers Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse – 102 Cours Lafayette – 69003 + 33 472 400 859 – lesgarconsbouchers.net 208992_460574814014775_236490486_n Let’s say I’m very partial here as this is my ex-husband restaurant. Still, if you’re looking for excellent meat, a wide variety of French wines and want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Les Halles (Lyon’s covered market that offers the best selection of food stores in town), this is the place to be. Sit at the bar and watch people walking by, shopping for their Sunday lunch or having oysters at the next restaurant. A piece of Lyon everyday life.

#5 Yaafa 17 rue d’Algérie – 69001 Lyon – +33 478 274 242 – facebook.com/Yaafa Yaafa-façade-1024x844 Did we say restaurant ? Well, I can’t afford the time or money to go to restaurants all the time and if the food is good, a fast food is fine by me. Especially when it’s vegetarian and run by three lovely young men that quit their jobs to start out in the food industry. Yaafa – which stands for You’re A Falafel Addict – serves the best falafels in town, which you can eat in the upstairs room, right by Place des Terreaux, or on-the-go, with a homemade soup or salad of the day.

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  1. Aurel dit :

    D’accord a 100% avec toi pour l’ourson qui boit et yaffa (tartuffo je ne connais pas malheureusement, j’aime beaucoup les canuts mais je trouve ça toujours un peu trop riche comme cuisine et je ne suis pas assez fan de viande pour apprécier l’offre des garçons bouchers).je rajouterai le palegrie, le substrat et bien sur chez Thomas… Et j’aime bien aussi place des sens dans le 6eme et le restaurant libanais le cèdre bleu ! Quoiqu’il en soit ce ne sont pas les resto qui manquent à Lyon, on a de la chance…

  2. séverine dit :

    J’essaierai bien Tartuffo, ça a l’air chouette !

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  6. Ashley dit :

    Thanks for these tips! I’m going to be in Lyon next weekend and want to write an article about the food there. Where should I go for the best traditional Lyonnaise cuisine? I’m visiting the city because I’m thinking of moving there. I’m looking for a city with great food, job opportunities and young people. Would you describe Lyon that way?

    • Anne-Liesse dit :

      Hi Ashley!

      Thanks for visiting Bulle & Blog! I would definitely describe Lyon as a city with great food, plenty of job opportunities and all kinds of people – including young people, since the city counts about 150,000 students. It has become more diverse, dynamic, and international over the past decade, as well as even more beautiful. I think you’ll enjoy it!

      Food wise, I would recommend the menu Lyonnais at Le Canut et les Gones, which is part of my top 5 selection. The lunch menu is 24 euros on Saturdays. You could also try one of Joseph Viola‘s bouchons – they have all been awarded a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide. The full lunch menu there is 30 euros. I’m not a big fan of bouchons myself as I don’t eat much meat, but I’ve heard good things about La Hugonnière, too – whose location I love, at the heart of our Presqu’île. Be careful – a lot of the restaurants are closed on Sundays.

      If you need more info before or during your trip to Lyon, do not hesitate to get in touch with me – I would love to help! I’ll email you my contact details.

      Have a great weekend in Lyon!

  7. Lyon dit :

    Il y a pleins d’adresses sympa à Lyon, pleins de restaurants à découvrir à chacune de vos visites.
    Que ce soit Place Bellecour, dans le vieux Lyon, dans le 6e, on trouve toujours ce que l’on cherche et pas forcement très cher

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